Hyuna & Zico - friendship or dating? - Asianfanfics Hyuna & Zico - friendship or dating? - Asianfanfics

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I had a one-sided crush She was a celebrity She rejected me twice I'm the type to be very proud, so I'm working very hard.

Kim Hyun-ah born June 6,better known by the mononym Hyunastylized as HyunA is a South Korean singer, dancer, hyuna dating and model.

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Also fans at first, are very perceptive in this sort of couple rumours, like Zico and Hyuna known for a long timesince any sort of support they are giving to each other is not common, as you know Amber f x is also HyunA's one of the good friends and are well united but Hyuna did not support her apparently in their social networks such as she had done with Zico.

I hope our dear Hyuna accept the heart of our sweet Zico quickly.

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Anyway, if they are in a relationship or not, I can not say, I really support them and would find it very nice to have them as a couple in the K-pop world and what is your opinion? If we think, Hyuna is likely to be this celebrity, so Zico said he did not give up her yet and Zico declare into such celebrity twice, they would have to have a level of closeness and as we know Hyuna and Zico are very, very close and these questions that fans did not have to think, Hyuna is the first and only celebrity suitable for this revelation: Hyuna handed over her to dog Zico and they talked, Zico even asked if Hyuna had revealed everything about her, he knew her weaknessHyuna set him quiet because she knew about his weakness as well!

Between Friday and Saturday I do not know the exact date Informer member of Wonder Girls group and official 4minute member, Kim Hyuna had just released his new solo mini-album, Bubble Pop!

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This participation occurred at the time of the release of 'Well Done'. We can not deny that Hyuna dresses very well.

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Their Hyuna was along with 4minute and Zico with blockB, they met in the backroom taking selfie again, this time it was posted directly on instagram of Hyuna.

Allkpop This revelation made the specular celebrity fans that this would be our queen, Hyuna.